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What is the difference between a duck?
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Big Talk is just what it says, BIG TALK, not small talk! It poses deep and penetrating questions that cause us to ponder our pre-existing conceptions, and sometimes even our entire existence. The forum for BIG TALK is a monthly email featuring eight writers each with their own unique viewpoints. Read their thoughts, and then you can share your thoughts on the website or this facebook group! Engage with these philosophical quandaries, have a great time and expand your your mind!

Go to http://www.betweenaduck.com and sign up for the monthly newsletter with highlights of each featured writer's response. Then head to the forum:

This LiveJournal community allows you to keep up to date on the newsletters, discuss the topics, post your own response, and start new topics by posting to the community.

We also run frequent photo competitions, so submit your photo according to the suggested theme by the deadline and we will include it when everyone votes for their top choices. Feel free to suggest topics for the photo competitions!

If you want to subscribe to new posts on the Big Talk forum, add this account to your friends list: bigtalkproject

There are no rules! Have fun!