finella lorck (bel_ebat) wrote in betweenaduck,
finella lorck

First Big Talk Photo Contest!

You already share your questions and ideas with Big Talk- why not share your photographs as well?

The rules are simple:
1) Submit one picture in accordance to the stated theme to by the deadline. If it's easier for you, you can also leave a comment with a link to your picture. All comments will be screened.
2) The picture submitted should be one you've taken- the idea of the contest is to gain further insight into moments, places, people, or things that have caught your personal interest.
3) Immediately after the deadline, the photos will be posted alongside the names/usernames of who submitted them so that the community can vote on the results.

Today's theme: relaxation
Deadline: this Thursday, the 31st

Good luck! :)!
Tags: photo competitions
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